We show respect to people who care. America was built this way. People need to watch out more for others who are not doing so good. Charities play an important role in today’s society. Our introduction to this web blog shows exactly how it’s doing nowadays and you might be amazed about the fact who are putting most effort into it. While the rich people donate to the poor, there are activists who bravely stand up to protect those not able to look out for themselves.

On this page (www.cfcofgreatersocal.org) we will publish more and more information about charities and free stuff overall that people can use for information, entertainment.. you name it.

We host and maintain this website as a team of volunteers who care. However, we do have a day job so please give us some time to respond. Also, as we try to update the content regularly, there might be pauses due to the very same fact – it’s not our main job.

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